Windcraft WFL-300 – Open Hole Flute



Product Description

Windcraft Instruments are the result of 50 years industry experience combined with modern manufacturing methods. The Windcraft production range was driven by a desire to deliver a high quality affordable instrument into a marketplace over-run with below par alternatives. Designed with the player, and not just the budget, in mind these student level instruments have been met with acclaim from teachers, music centres and professionals alike.

The WFL-300 has been produced in partnership with an experienced professional flute manufacturer.

The hand cut embouchure hole guarantees a flexible and responsive instrument with a full dynamic range. The instrument has a solid silver headjoint and a silver plated body. The open hole key design promotes the correct posture and technique and allows for greater expression tonally.

  • Solid silver headjoint, silver plated body.
  • Hand cut custom embouchure hole for added flexibility and range.
  • Ideal upgrade model.
  • Supplied in case with outer cover.
  • Professionally set-up and available to try on 14 day approval.