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Silk Stockings Trombone Slide Treatment


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Product Description

Silk Stockings isthe latest innovation in trombone slide lubrication with its revised formula – now works better than ever!

This product was launched several years ago but was not suited to all makes and models of trombone so we withdrew it from sale and have been working over the last year or so to re-develop the formula to a consistency much more like the Slide-O-Mix  Rapid Comfort

Silk Stockings is so good, you only need a small amount.  Applied to the stockings (of your trombone of course!) and worked in is enough to get your slide running nice and smooth.  A little water mist can be used if required.

  • 30ml Pump action bottle for easy delivery onto the slide
  • Odourless
  • Long lasting
Use this product to ensure a well lubricated slide that works effortlessly [providing the slide is in good working order] instruments should be serviced at least once a year- feel free to contact us for advice on cleaning your slide