HW Clarinet Pad Savers - 2 piece

HW Clarinet Pad Savers – 2 piece



Product Description

The HW pad savers are one of our top selling clarinet cleaning accessories. Made from a propriety microfiber material that will not shed, shrink or bleed, these unique pad savers help prolong the life of your pads, and take away moisture from the tone holes and bore.

HW Pad Savers:

  • Are made in Taiwan
  • Are suitable for most clarinets
  • Can be stored inside the top and bottom joints, or outside of the instrument

Top tips:

  • If leaving the pad saver inside of your clarinet, ensure you use a pullthrough/swab beforehand, to remove the majority of the moisture
  • To clean you pad saver, we recommend washing it in mild dish soap, and letting it air dry

These pad savers would be ideal for any clarinettist looking to ensure that their clarinet stays dry, and prolong the life of their pads.