Brukner’s 8th Symphony

Brukner’s 8th Symphony



Product Description

This is an abridged version of the finale from Brukner’s 8th Symphony, the last symphony Brukner completed. It is often referred to as the Apocalyptic, although this is not a name Brukner used himself.

It incorporates the opening section of the finale and the closing section, featuring all 4 themes from the whole symphony.

This arrangement is in 2 clear sections. It begins with the opening minute or so of the finale, building from the trombones up the band to the fanfares played by the entire cornet section. Although not in the original, the bass drum provies the driving pulse throughout this section along with the bass section. The 2nd section is taken from the final 3 minutes of music from the Symphony. Gradually building from the tranquile opening to the grandioso finish with the Glock & Tubular Bells ringing over the rest of the band. This would make an ideal finale to a concert or an entertainment contest.