Acoustic Guitar – Black Gloss Finish



Product Description

Dreadnought acoustic guitars have a larger body than other members of the guitar family, and therefore typically produce a bolder and louder tone. The rise in popularity of the dreadnought style guitar was driven by folk and bluegrass guitarists in the mid-20th century and they continue to be widely used in these genres to this day.

The Indie Guitar company started with a very simple mission – to create instruments suitable for professionals, but at prices to suit all musicians and designed and built to be as unique and independent as the players who own them.

Indie Guitars are made by craftsmen and women in an independent factory with a very strict quality control procedure – the aim being that that every guitar should arrive setup and ready to play.

Each outfit is supplied with a top quality Indie padded gig bag, strap and pick pocket.

Available in a range of eye catching colours, Indie Guitars are every bit as individual as their players.


  • Dreadnought shaped steel string acoustic guitar
  • Mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard
  • Laminated top, back and sides
  • Indie shape IBR-1 acoustic bridge, Graphite nut & saddle
  • Detachable pick guard, Chrome die cast machine heads
  • Supplied with Indie 15mm padded gig bag with pockets and back straps
  • Strap and pick pocket included