5 Hymns for Brass Band


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5 original hymn tunes for Brass Band composed by Lee Morris.

I wrote these as a little alternative to the traditional ‘red book’ hymns, to use for warm-up or even as little concert fillers.

Hymn for Westoe – an uplifting hymn tune for Westoe Brass band.

Misty – written on a rather damp and misty day.

Friday Hymn – written the evening before the North of England Area contest ( a Friday night) as some light relief from the test piece.

Hymn for Dunston – to celebrate Dunston’s win in the 2nd section Area championships, which I was lucky enough to be a part of.

Each Day – written to celebrate the wedding of 2 very good friends.  The working title was 1:4:16, as they got married on April fools day.  The title was changed after lyrics were added to the hymn.


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